Magnetron is an electron lamp that generates high power microwaves. Magnetrons with a power of 1 to 2 kW are used. If the technological process requires it or it is justified by other reasons, magnetron with higher power - 3, 6 and more kW is mounted. Most often we use magnetrons working in the 2450 MHz band.
Like any lamp, the magnetron heats up to a high temperature and requires cooling. Magnetrons used in industrial devices and systems can be cooled by air or water.
Both the magnetron power and the cooling method are selected according to the user's needs. The magnetrons presented below are normally used by MARKOM, the offer can be extended with items ordered individually.

Magnetron OM75P with a power of 1000 W is most often used in the construction of industrial microwave systems with multiple power sources. It is offered in air-cooled and water-cooled versions (photo). Suitable for systems with smooth power regulation.
The elements that fit the magnetron are: BJ26 launcher and MP - 1000 power supply .


Magnetron with a power of 1500 W air cooled. Adapted to continuous operation in industrial systems. In cooperation with the power supply MP-1500ZQ it is possible to smoothly regulate its power. Used by MARKOM, among others in generators MG18-1500.
It is attached to the BJ26 launcher.


It i san industrial magnetron with a power of 1500 W. Due to the water cooling it is ideally suited for the conctruction of the magnetron heads and industrial systems. It works with the power supply MP-1500 series.. It is possible to smoothly regulate the power of the megnetron.
It is attached to the launcher in WR340 or BJ26 standard.

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