Wooden structures in most buildings are not protected against biological degradation or this protection is not inadequate. The result may be the attack of wood pests. Pests initially attack one element, they occupy more areas over time.
The use of popular chemicals does not always bring the desired results. Fumigation may be too expensive, and the problems associated with its use are disproportionate to the threat.
Microwave technology allows to limit the operation only to places where pests occur. This makes the costs proportional to the size of the infection. Aggressive chemicals are not used. In the course of ongoing work, the impact on the organization of the life of residents is small.. The residents do not have to be evacuated and the rooms can be used right after the work is completed.
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The effectiveness of other methods is influenced by climatic conditions or wood moisture. At low temperatures or at high humidity, gaseous or chemical agents are badly absorbed by the wood, which drastically reduces their effectiveness.
Microwave technology does not have these restrictions. Microwaves penetrate deeply into the wood structure. Wooden element is heated in its entire cross-section to a temperature well above 60oC. If the conditions allow it, the temperature inside the wooden element can exceed even 100oC.
There is no danger associated with the destruction or ignition of the wood. The occurring thermal stresses are too small for the wooden element to deform. The wood begins to burn at a temperature exceeding 230oC, well above the temperature used in this case of microwave disinfestation.
Therefore, two factors influence the pests, microwaves and high temperature. As a result, adults, larvae and laid eggs die, no matter how deep they are hidden.


For many years MARKOM has been developing microwave technology designing and manufacturing microwave devices intended, among other things, for the disposal of wood pests. Offered devices are used by private individuals, companies and monument conservators both in the country and abroad. More information about these products and their equipment can be found here.
In order to ensure high quality of services, users of our devices participate in a free course, including: equipment handling, the basics of OSH while working with microwave devices and the principles of performing services. The course program can be found here.


No method of eliminating pests protects the wood from being attacked again. All wooden elements (those that were infected as well as the healthy ones) should be secured. Properly made impregnation protects the wood for many years from pests, mold and fire.

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