Designed and manufactured by MARKOM microwave generators series MG18-1500 are dedicated to individuals, service companies and monument conservators. These generators replaced the popular MG5 device and Versatile sets.
Technical parameters of all generators in this series are the same. Differences between device versions are described here


Model MG18-1500BA (BAsic) with a microwave power of 1500 W is mainly used by individuals, who want to independently dry the foundation, wall or eliminate wood pests in the rafter framing in their house or apartment. However, there are no contradictions for the devices not to be used by the companies to perform such services.
All necessary equipment is also available. Technical data and service manuals are available here


Model MG18-1500BU (BUsiness) with a microwave power of 1500 W is dedicated to renovation and construction companies as well as monument conservators. It is most often used for dehumidification of walls and foundations after flooding, for waterproofing by injection and for elimination of wood pests in buildings.
Additional elements, such as programmable timer, detachable control cabel or our proprietary solution for quick waveguide exchange, which makes work in hard-to-reach or high-altitude locations much easier.
Technical data and service manuals are available here.

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