Each microwave device has one or several microwave sources. In the case of industrial devices and systems, in which multiple microwave sources are working, modular constructions are a good solution. Modules and magnetrons head are mounted on the outer jacket or cover of tunnels, furnaces, chambers or reactors.
All elements necessary for operating of the module are included in the casing. Additional cover to protect entire device is not needed.
The modular construction facilitates service and replacement of damaged components, reducing the downtime of the device.


Designed in 2018 AGA18-1000 module is intended for cooperation with industrial equipment, i.e. microwave furnace, tunnel or reactor. The module is attached directly to the chamber, the surface of which can be flat or curved.
The microwave power is adjustable smoothly in the range of 400 to 1000 W. The magnetron is cooled by air or water. The place of traditional high-voltage transformers was taken by high-power switched-mode power supply.
The module is powered by a 230 VAC single-phase network. It works in continuous mode, independently or in a group of several dozen devices of the same type.


An example of a project adjusted to the individual needs of a user is IRENE1705 module. The prototype solution is designed to power the microwave chamber in the vending machines heating up the snacks. The set of two modules with a total power of about 1900 W heats the cups with dumplings.
The modules are powered by a 230 VAC single-phase network. Magnetrons are cooled by forced air circulation.


Production was completed in 2018. The device has been replaced by the AGA18-1000 module.
The offered module has all components necessary for operating enclosed in the casing. It is adapted for attaching equipment, chambers, furnaces or tunnels on the outer cover.
The module with a power of 950 W, without the possibility of power regulation, is powered by a 230 VAC single-phase network. The high performance centrifugal fan cools internal systems.

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