In the production of profiles, especially with a full cross-sections (rollers, beams), it is important to evenly heat the entire cross-section. Using electrically heated moulds it is difficult task to perform.
In the microwave pultrusion, the profile passing through the chamber is heated throughout the entire cross-section. The resin hardening process takes place uniformly on the surface and in the center of the element.
The walls of the chamber are not in contact with the profile, there is no additional resistance related to friction. One chamber can be used to produce a range of profiles with different shapes. The shape of the hardened profile (round, flat, irregular) or the type of surface (smooth, ribbed, covered with sand) is irrelevant.


ISA PUL1709 is a test device designed for the production of composite profiles using the microwave pultrusion method. Two microwave sources of a total capacity of 1900 W were connected to the microwave chamber. The device is powered by a 230 VAC single-phase network. The internal microwave systems are air-cooled.
In this version of the device, rods up to 35mm diameter can be hardened. The furnace has small dimensions and low weight, so it can work in a laboratory or as a part of a small test line. More information can be found here.

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