We design microwave circuits, devices, systems and components of production lines for dehumidification, heating, melting, combustion, supporting chemical processes and scientific research. The operation of microwaves can be supported by IR or UV radiation, hot air blowing, modified atmosphere or vacuum.


A device dedicated to a specific user does not have to be more expensive than standard solutions. Such a system can be easily expanded or modernized. A matched technological process and optimization of technical parameters ensure higher efficiency and thus lower operating costs.


Additional systems are necessary for the operation of microwave systems and devices. We offer solutions that are optimally matched to your needs. A good example is the cooling system. In industrial technological lines, we suggest replacing the typical solutions based on air ventilation with the water cooling system. With this solution, microwave devices do not overheat, there is less number of failures, no dusting of other systems, there are no problems associated with the construction of the extraction system.

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